Outreach | Bethlehem United Church of Christ



“When your greatest source of joy intersects with the needs of the world, go and find that place and hear God’s calling at the crossroads.”—Bryan Sirchio

We reach out . . . to each other.

Bethlehem is a community of faith. When members of our community are in need (be it spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.), we do our best to help them. 

We reach out . . . to others in the local community.

We believe that our ministry (and God’s love) exists beyond the walls of our church. Members of all ages support and participate in a variety of local missions, allowing us to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe those who have none, and care for our neighbors in need. We fulfill these needs through both volunteering our time and using our financial resources to support those who do good works. We also participate in short-term, hands-on projects as needs arise, such as collecting specific items for the local homeless shelter or food bank. 

We reach out . . . to the world.

Through our outreach programs, we are also able to help support organizations around the world. Sometimes, that means getting hands-on and traveling a little farther than our own backyard for a mission trip, and other times it means donating funds and resources that will have an impact for others around the world. And speaking of our Earth…we also feel it is part of our global mission to care for God’s creation. We have put into place many “green” initiatives, and continue on our mission to educate ourselves, speak up to those in leadership, and take action to continually improve our own carbon footprint.