Altar Flower Sign-Up | Bethlehem United Church of Christ

Altar Flower Sign-Up

For Sunday worship, we hope to include a live flower/plant arrangement on the altar to represent God's living word among us. Anyone is welcomed to sign-up for a weekend to celebrate a special occasion, honor a person, or to simply contribute to worship in this way. We partner with a local florist who will make the delivery to the church.

  • The cost is $40 for two vases, $35 for a centerpiece, and $75 for all three. 
  • The weekly donor information is included in Emily's Edition and the order of worship. Here are some examples of wording: "The flowers on the altar are given by ________ in thanksgiving for their family, friends, and Bethlehem UCC."  "The flowers on the altar are given by ________in memory of _________."
  • The dates are first come first serve, so reserve early. To select a weekend, please click HERE. Be sure to include the exact wording to appear in Emily's Edition and the weekly order of worship. **Double check your spelling/information on the submission.  Please indicate if you would like two vases, a centerpiece, or all three, and if you will be taking the flowers home or if they can be delivered to someone in the church family in need of a pick-me-up.   
  • Please make checks payable to Bethlehem UCC and indicate "altar flowers" in the memo line. Checks/cash can be dropped at the church office or in the offering plate.  

For questions or concerns, please reach out to Cindy Carwile by clicking HERE or calling 812-430-6935.