About Us | Bethlehem United Church of Christ

About Us

Bethlehem United Church of Christ is located at 6400 Oak Hill Road, between St. George Road and Oak Hill School.


We have two different worship styles to choose from with Guest Parking spots available on the upper level by the Welcoming Area entrance off of Whetstone Road:

  • Saturday evenings at 5:30 PM, we have casual-style worship services with contemporary music selections.
  • Sunday School at 9:00 AM for all ages during the school year. 
  • Sunday mornings at 10:15 AM, we have traditional-style worship with hymns and music led by our Chancel Choir.

As a UCC church, our communion table is open to everyone.

Bethlehem Church was founded in 1906 by 14 German-heritage farm families, and still uses some German-based traditions. Although Bethlehem is still the church home to many of the descendants of those original families, it is well-represented by individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We welcome you to join us for ANY of our events that are of interest to you!