Facilities | Bethlehem United Church of Christ


Bethlehem's facilities are available for use by the community.  We have classrooms, meeting rooms, a Fellowship Hall, and a large Welcoming Area -- all with access for those with limited mobility.  These spaces are often used by church groups, community organizations, and individuals for events, dinners, meetings, and private parties.  Outside, we also have a softball field, tennis & basketball court, and a playground.  If you are interested in using our facility, please review the Building Use Guidelines, and then contact the church office (812-867-2497) for pricing and availability.

Cemetery plots and columbarium niches are also available for purchase.  Our Cemetery Board handles these inquiries, as well as any other concerns about the cemetery.  If you contact the church office (867-2497), we can get you in touch with the right person. 

The Church

The existing church was built in 1924 for $18,000 with most of the labor being done by church members volunteering their time.  In the 1980's, we added the portion of the building which contains the educational wing and Fellowship Hall.  In 2011, we completed our most recent building project, adding additional parking, improved handicapped access, updated existing meeting and class rooms, added a Welcoming Area with a covered entrance, as well as a new Youth Area.

Welcoming Area

The Welcoming Area is perhaps one of the most-utilized areas of our campus.  It has a covered entrance for drop-off during inclement weather, as well as a set of automatic doors for those with limited mobility.  The elevator is located in the lobby just off the Welcoming Area, with access to all levels of our building.  You can also reach the sanctuary with minimal stairs, near the door.  An information station about Bethlehem and our wider church programs can be found here.

Church groups, community organizations, and individuals use this beautiful space often for events, meetings, and private parties. 

The Fellowship Hall

Bethlehem Church has a Fellowship Hall, which can seat up to 200 people. It is adjacent to our commercial kitchen and has serving windows between the two for convenience.  This room hosts our community events, such as our Ice Cream Social and our Fish Fry.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary (built in 1924) is described as Gothic in detail with natural light oak cushioned pews.  It can seat 350 people comfortably.  The sanctuary is an altar-centered, rather than pulpit-centered, design.  The altar is centered and elevated to signify the importance of the rituals of the church.  The most elevated area in the sanctuary is the preaching pulpit to the right of the altar, where the minister delivers the sermon or message.  The preaching pulpit is prominently placed to signify the importance of the spoken word of God.  The sanctuary has a main center aisle, 75 feet long, and two side aisles.

The Pipe Organ

One of the distinctive features of the sanctuary is the pipe organ, the largest musical instrument made.  It was built by the Wick Pipe Organ Company in 1938 and has 1,105 pipes, 16 ranks, and two manuals.  For musical instruments, the church also has stationary Kurtzweil keyboard, a portable electric Yamaha keyboard, and a full set of hand bells.

The Stained Glass Window Collection

Bethlehem Church has a beautiful collection of stained glass windows that were added to the sanctuary in 1949. There are 12 windows that surround the sanctuary, casting beautiful colors into the church throughout the day. Pictured above are just a few of the windows that grace our church.  The first window in the sequence depicts the birth of Jesus Christ.  The second window in the sequence is the Bethlehem Window.  The last window depicts Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.


Excellent, clean, and safe childcare is available in our inviting nursery on Sunday mornings and during special events (as specified).   All those who work with our children and youth must have a background check, as part of our safe-church policy.

Additional Buildings & Grounds

Bethlehem Church is situated on 15 acres, including three parking areas which can accommodate many cars, a pine grove, a cemetery, a playground, a softball field, a tennis court, a basketball court, a separate brick building with kitchen facilities, and a storage garage.