Were Hiring! Part-Time Additional Custodian | Bethlehem United Church of Christ

Were Hiring! Part-Time Additional Custodian

Bethlehem UCC is seeking a part-time (6-8 flexible hours per week) custodian to join our staff.

Position Description:

The custodian 2 is responsible for cleaning the areas of the church indicated below in a safe, neat, clean, and in a timely manner. 

Key Areas of Responsibility:

1.    Clean entire bathroom areas, except floors, and make sure they have sufficient supplies two times per week, preferably Monday and a day later in the week.
2.    Dust and polish, if necessary, all furniture, woodwork, windowsills, and any other areas where dust accumulates.
3.    Clean inside door glass areas at the church entrances when needed.
4.    Disinfect and clean drinking fountains weekly.
5.    Check trash and recycling barrels in entire building and change if necessary weekly.
6.    Check kitchen and fellowship hall areas and clean and disinfect if necessary weekly.
7.    Dust and clean light fixtures as needed.
8.    Clean glass and wood of any inside door in building as needed.
9.    Clean inside wall areas as needed.
10.  Perform custodial duties Monday morning, Wednesday morning, and prior to the Saturday service during Vacation Bible School week. 

Hourly rate:  $16.90

Please submit a cover letter and resume to church@bethlehemucc.org.