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We're Hiring

Love to sing and play worship music? Bethlehem UCC is seeking a part-time music leader for our 5:30 pm Saturday evening casual worship service. Please submit a resume to the church office at church@bethlehemucc.org.  

POSITION TITLE:     Contemporary Music Director


Coordinate and lead music for a contemporary Christian worship service on Saturday evenings at 5:30 PM.  Coordinate any rehearsals and accompaniment of music performance for the Saturday evening service.  Encourage church members to engage in musical worship expression through vocal and instrumental expression, and small singing groups. 


  1. Work closely with the Senior Pastor and other pastoral staff to understand the message for the week and choose music accordingly that will enhance the Saturday evening worship experience and provide opportunities for expression through musical participation.
  2. On a weekly basis, provide song titles to the audio-visual volunteer that support the musical theme of the worship service.
  3. Be familiar with MediaShout software in order to back up the audio-visual volunteer. 
  4. Serve as the backup for the sound system for soloist, musicians and praise singers.  
  5. Coordinate and direct any rehearsals for music and other music related elements of the weekly service (generally Saturday afternoons).
  6. Coordinate accompaniment and direction for congregational singing and for soloists or small ensembles (vocal or instrumental) during regular Saturday service.
  7. Obtain all substitutes for rehearsals or worship service when the Contemporary Music Director must be absent. Notify the Organist and Music Director and the Senior Pastor of this absence and provide them with the name of the substitute.
  8. Have a theological background consistent with the membership of Bethlehem.


Directly responsible to the Senior Pastor, Organist and Music Director and Executive Committee of the Bethlehem Church Council. 


  1. Knowledge of a wide variety of Christian music with an emphasis on contemporary songs.
  2. Working knowledge of sound system technology and the MediaShout software.
  3. Ability to work effectively with others in a team environment, including ability to take and give direction and share ideas.
  4. Effective interpersonal skills.
  5. Ability to work with other staff and church membership to determine and effectively implement ways to express the mood, intent, and movement of the worship service.
  6. Personal qualities which reflect positively on Bethlehem and its mission, such as integrity, honesty, dependability, understanding of Christian spiritual/theological issues, concern for others, warmth, courtesy, and commitment to expression of personal Christian faith.
  7. Ability to competently and creatively play the piano and/or guitar and effectively lead singers in a manner which enhances the worship service.
  8. Commitment to helping provide a quality worship experience, including instrumental and congregational singing as vital components of the entire service.
  9. Commitment to the mission of the church which employs a passion and enthusiasm for musical expression on both a professional and voluntary (amateur) level.
  10. Commitment to continued personal skill improvement of technique and musical contributions to the church.