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We're Hiring

Youth Director 

The Youth Director (working approx. 7 hours/week for 7th grade through high school) will oversee all elements of children and youth programming for Bethlehem UCC under the direction of the Children and Youth Ministry Team and the Senior Pastor.


1. Attend weekly Sunday school and Sunday morning worship.

2. Attend the monthly Zoom Staff meeting, currently set for 7:00 p.m. on the Wednesday following the monthly Council Meeting

3. Attend monthly Children and Youth Ministry Team meetings.

4. Keep the Senior Pastor informed about upcoming events and any support needed.

5. Abide by the Staff Covenant.


The Youth Director, in consultation with the Children and Youth Ministry Team, will be responsible for staffing and resourcing Sunday school and “Key Projects” (outlined below).

Sunday School

· Keep track of attendance.

· Order curriculum as needed.

· Organize “Pantry Parents” to make sure there is food in the youth room.

· Coordinate Teachers and Assistants.

Key Projects:

1. Rally Day

2. Pumpkin Patch fundraiser

3. Recruit and organize Christmas Eve readers

4. Ski Trip

5. 30 Hour Famine

6. Mission Trip

Staff Supervision and Development: The Youth Director will inform, resource, organize, and lead volunteers as needed.

Submit a resume to church@bethlehemucc.org.