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Welcome Parents

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"I love raising my son at Bethlehem! There are people from a variety of backgrounds to teach him the things I cannot. As he gets older, he will have relationship with people we BOTH trust, whom he can rely on, and who want the best for him." -Amanda Bultemeier

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At Bethlehem, we invite our parents and extended families to take an active role in the spiritual growth each child.  Our program is designed to be a sustainable youth ministry, building a foundation during the early stages of life that will carry through adulthood.  Here is a closer look at our mission and the values we promote:

Mission Statement
The Youth and Children's Ministries of Bethlehem UCC welcome children, youth, and their families and lead them in the way of Jesus Christ, who transforms and empowers them for service in the world. 

We promise to love, support, and care for our youth and children as they mature in faith among us.  So that these promises can be kept, we intentionally create a ministry where the following values are clearly embodied:

Erica says..."What we love about Bethlehem is the congregation. At Bethlehem, Kyle and I received our bibles around our 8th birthdays, we were confirmed here. We met in senior high youth group, married, and most recently, baptized our daughter, Savannah. It's a joy to go through the phases of life with the families we've know for years and to welcome the new members that are helping our church grow." -Erica

Spiritual Growth
We enthusiastically pursue and promote spiritual growth by learning about God, ourselves, and our community.

Welcoming Environment
We welcome each youth and child into our church family.

Intergenerational Connections
We build bonds between the generations by engaging youth and children in all aspects of our church - and inviting the church to participate in events with our children and youth!

We value fun and fellowship

We provide an environment where youth and children are physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe.  Background checks are performed on all staff and volunteers in our church who work with children or youth.

We serve God through involvement in missions, striving to set and example through our acts of compassion.

We value rich diversity of religious viewpoints and backgrounds and strive to create an environment that encourages open discussion.

We embrace change and choose to take risks that positively impact our youth , church, community and world.