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Daily Lenten Supplements

March 16 - The Twelve Tribes of Israel 

March 7 & 8 - Noah and the Flood

Yahwist Source (J)

Key features:

  • Divine name as acronym
    • Uses divine name (Yahweh; designated as LORD in English Bibles) in the biblical story even before it is formally given to Moses in Exodus at the burning bush.
  • Anthropomorphic language for God (God breathes into Adam’s nostrils; God physically closes the door of the ark)

Priestly Source (P)

Key features:

  • Does not use divine name prior to God giving the name to Moses
  • No sacrificing until the system ordained by God is formally given to the Israelites
  • Concerned with priestly matters (and record keeping!)
  • God as more “other” and distant