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Virtual Vacation Bible School

Get ready to explore!

Great Big Beautiful World is a once a week for 5 weeks’ Vacation Bible School. It begins with the creation story in Genesis and includes psalms, stories of Jesus, and the vision of a new heaven and earth in Revelation. Great Big Beautiful World invites children to see the ways God cares for the earth and the challenges them to be a part for caring and preserving the created world.

Once a week we will have a video curriculum and activities that provides everything you need to have a successful at home VBS. 

Caring for God’s Great Big Beautiful World is an amazing privilege! VBS is a wonderful way to inspire children and families to enjoy, explore, and protect the natural world. There is so much to discover! 


  • Bags will be available to pick up the week of June 14th
  • VBS dates June 21st, June 28th, July 12th, July 19th, and July 26th.
  • Ages 3-5th grade